Our main source of information for the Highworth Branch project is the marvellous "The Highworth Branch" by Tom Smith and Greg Heathcliffe, published 1979 by Wild Swan books ISBN 0906867002.

We recommend this book for all sorts of details about the line and commend the whole range of Wild Swan publications which are very useful to railway modellers and for research for Microsoft Train Simulator routes.

Team Members: (the email links all go to Paul, but all comments will be passed on)

Martin Soilleux Cardwell - Occupation - perfectionist, motivator and route builder

Paul Gausden - Web site, models (if I get a chance), optimisation and polygon counter

Mark Olland - Builder extraordinaire (3D scenery items specialist)

Robin Howell - Wagons galore

Additional thanks goes to several other modellers from the UK train simulator community who have directly contributed with models for this project:

Ian Morgan Wooden Bridges
Reg Furniss Loco No 13
John Kendrick "Mr Signpost" and others
Mike Wilson Some lovely vehicles and others
And finally thanks to everyone else who has contributed in many ways to this project

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