Swindon & Highworth Light Railway

MSTS Miscellaneous

Items here didn't fit into the category of scenery or stock and include utilities and updates to the Kuju standard parts.

The items on this page are provided as freeware and must not be distributed for profit. However, if you would like to distribute or modify these files, out of courtesy, please contact us first and let us know.

Shape File Manager Version 2.3x

Requires IE5+
A very small application that gives a GUI (web style) interface to the FFEDITC utility for compressing/uncompressing shape files.

V1.0 Jan 2002 - Paul Gausden
V2.0 29th March 2002 - updates WAG/ENG and texture shine
V2.2 23rd May 2002 - added shift object option and Distance level adjustment
V2.2b (11th July) - fixes translucency priority bug
V2.2c fixes WAG/ENG file corruption on scaling

V2.3 Oct 2002 - Sorted lists, Reverse option, minor display bug fixes
V2.3a - Fixed bugs in 2.2d and 2.3 which stopped compress/uncompress from working
V2.3x Nov 2002 - special thanks to Okrasa Ghia for fixing the bugs with the new reverse shape option.

Just unzip into any directory  and double click on the SFM.HTA file to start the program - for help, press the "Instructions" button at the top of the screen.

Download sfm.ZIP now (12Kb)  
Some anti-virus software may regard this as a virus as HTA files are used by virus writers - it is not a virus!, it is a really good way of writing programs that don't take up 10Mb of disk space :)

To uncompress models with animations, you must have the updated newshape.bnf file or they will not load! - this can be obtained by politely asking someone who already has it as the author did not want it placed on a web site.

Compressed S files may be Decompressed

Uncompressed S files can be:

  • Compressed
  • Scaled X/Y/Z directions along with .SD and .WAG/.ENG (V2.0) including animations
  • Shifted - model may be moved relative to the origin
  • Texture lighting mode can be adjusted, includes specular fix for shiny locos
  • Adjust distance LOD (and polygon count)
  • Reverse (rotate by 180 degrees)
  • Wordpad edited
Right Click Options for S files

Add menu options to your right mouse button - compress/uncompress and poly count

Download right.zip (4kb!)

GW 2-Bolt Chair track texture update.

Version 1.0 - Feb 2002 by Martin Soilleux-Cardwell

Download 2bolttrack.ZIP (585Kb)

3D Canvas Object library for UK stock

This is a .CLO object library file for 3D canvas - copy into any directory and use the Open Object Library button to locate it for use within 3D Canvas.

14th Dec 2002 - v1.0 The beginnings of a library of small parts useful for UK steam locos and stock.

19th Feb 2003 - v1.1 added a couple more objects for screw coupling and vacc pipes.

Download UKLocoLib.zip (95kb)