Non-GWR Highworth Models for MSTS

Littleton No.4

An industrial 0-6-0 saddle tank build by Manning Wardle for work in the Staffordshire Collieries.

Note - this uses a new self installer, try unzipping all the files and double click on mstsinstall.hta to start the install.

Download (636Kb)

Austerity J94 0-6-0 Saddle Tank - K & E S R No 25 "Northiam"

A war department "Austerity" locomotive, 377 of these locos were built in the 40's and 50's and some saw service into the 1970's. As a consequence, many are now running on preserved lines.

"Northiam" No 25 is one of 3 owned by the K&ESR

Version 1.1 - 7th August, new shape and ENG files

Download (344Kb)

Repaint Kit for J94

Information and texture files for repainting the J94

Version 1.1 - new shape (better texturing of boiler top) and ENG file

Download (370Kb)

LSWR Ilfracombe Goods 0-6-0 Tender Engine

V 1.0 7th December 2002 - Small but tough goods engine from the 1870's

Download (477Kb)

SR (ex-K&ESR) 949 "Hecate" 0-8-0 Tank Engine

v1.0 29th Dec 2002 - My favourite loco, 6 levels of detail, smooth piston animation and under 4000 polygons.

Download (412Kb)

K&ESR No 4 "Hecate" 0-8-0 Tank Engine

v1.0 Feb 2003 - This time in original shiny condition, using K&ESR colours.
 6 levels of detail, smooth piston animation and under 4000 polygons.

Download (331Kb)

SECR P-Class No 27

v1.0 9th Feb 2003 - Original condition of these very small locos used mainly for shunting and small branch line operations, under 3500 polys


Download (399Kb)

 SR (ex-SECR) P-Class No 558

v1.0 9th Feb 2003 - Early SR Green lined livery from the 1920's


Download (407Kb)

 SR (ex-SECR) P-Class No 1556

v1.0 9th Feb 2003 - Later SR black livery from 1935-1940's. SR 1556 used to work on the K&ESR and is now preserved there.


Download (426Kb)

SR 333 'Remembrance'

Built for the 3D canvas tutorial. This is a "completed" model (I may add a few extras at some point).

This large ex-LBSCR Baltic tank engine was built for the London-Brighton passenger run. The name was to commemorate the 532 LBSCR employees lost during the first world war.

V0.99 19th March 2003 - forgot readme.txt yesterday - about 5200 polys

V1.1 7th Nov 2003 - Updated Shape and Textures, 3 customised LOD's, Crew added

V2.0 19th July 2006 - 12,000 polygons, gloss and bump maps

Download (1.5Mb)

Download the 3D Canvas source and texture files (780Kb)