Scenery being built for the MSTS Route :

The models on this page are provided as "freeware" and must not be distributed for profit. However, if you would like to distribute or modify these files, out of courtesy, please contact us first and let us know.

MSTS Class:

Highworth - Clutter
Highworth - Buildings

Highworth - Clutter

(Move the mouse over some of  the images to see the MSTS version)

Oil & Gas Lamps at the Stations

Generic Victorian lamp, A cross between all the types used on the line, reasonably low polygon count. Includes Night and Snow textures.

Updated 10th Nov - I got the model wrong! the overhang pictured was added as a blackout measure in the 1940's. This model is retained, and 3 new models added for the various heights of lamps used by the GWR with 6', 8' and 13' poles

Download MSTS models (72Kb)

17 Gal. Milk Churns

Milkchurns of the type used on the Highworth to London Milk train in the 1920's

Version 1.1 - 25th Jan 02 - silver texture + group of 5 churns to aid quick placement.

Version 1.2 - 23rd March - they are now shiny if you turn on specular lighting.

Download MSTS model (10Kb)


Early style benches (1880-1940's)

Benches on the Highworth branches were originally all wood. Later benches were wood attached to cast iron supports with the GWR logo.
(29Dec2001 - updated textures and new cast iron version included)

Download MSTS models (63Kb)


GWR Luggage Handcart

Based on photos of one from the Severn Valley Railway by Martin Soilleux-Cardwell

Download MSTS model (27Kb)

Field Boundaries and Wire Fence

30 (!) scenery items in one small download...
Version 1.1 Fixed installation bug in 1.0 (hw_stn_sn.ACE should be in \SNOW not \WINTERSNOW) and added snow texture for wire fence from Martin. Added double ended objects for hedges and walls for usability - make sure you read the README.TXT included

Version 1.2 - 23rd March - fixed odd lighting when light was end on

Version 1.3 - 9th April added wooden fence, 5m stone wall and few other small changes.

  •  Hedges 10, 20, 50 and 100m - hawthorn blooms in spring - summer, autumn and winter textures with snow.
  •  Flat hedges and walls in 4 lengths for hedges/walls in the distance (uses the same textures)
  •  5 bar gates (Brown or White)
  •  Wire fencing 10, 20, 50 and 100m (with snow)
  •  Stone Wall (cemented) 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100m - with snow textures - alternative textures for Dry Stone wall.
    Download MSTS model (109Kb)
Posters and Enamel Adverts

Seen at many stations around the country in the early part of the 20th Century.

V 1.0 - 22/2/02 11 flat posters and signs - easy to customise for any period.

v 1.1 - 22/5/02  -11 more posters and all enlarged by 50%

Download (95Kb)

Oil Lantern

Oil lantern - can be placed almost anywhere... buffer beams, workmen can carry them etc

V1.0 - "lights up" at night with glow around lens

Download MSTS model (7Kb)


GWR Platform Trolley

A model of the ubiquitous flat platform trolley used at many GWR stations for luggage and milk churns.

V1.0 17th March 2002

Download MSTS model (18Kb)

Flower Beds

A collection of shapes with white stone border from which you can build up a flower bed - doesn't stand close inspection, but adds a splash of colour.

Once again, this file includes textures for all seasons - daffodils and bluebells in spring, multi-coloured in summer, brown in autumn and brown/snow for winter.

Download hw_flowerbed (72Kb)

Coal Bins

3 sizes of coal bins

Download HB_CoalBins.ZIP (69Kb)


Yard Bits

Various items for railway yards

  • Coal piles
  • PW huts
  • Sleeper build platform
  • Coaling stage (static)
  • End loading stage

Download HB_YardExtras.ZIP (119Kb)


De Havilland 4

V1 30th Nov 2002 - Animated (flying) or Static Aircraft about 1300 polys so don't use too many.

Download (140Kb)

Various Railway signs

Models by John Kendrick

Download (82Kb)

A horse drawn plough

Model by Mike Wilson

Download (112Kb)


GWR Style Loading Gauges and Grounded van body

V1.0 Jan 2003

Download (49Kb)


Gasometers at Swindon

From a photo by Martin and guessing from a 1:2500 map that the tanks are 40', 100' and 120' diameter. Jan 02

Download MSTS models (29Kb)


GWR Standard Lamp Hut and 'Pagoda' Shelter

Standard corrugated iron lamp hut, found on the Highworth branch and at various other GWR locations.
Also includes Standard GWR Type 'A' Shelter (Pagoda)

Version 1.0 - 11 Jan 02 - with snow texture
Version 2.0 - 15 Jan 02 - Added Pagoda shelter
Version 3.0 - 1 Dec 2002 - Added more variations of side doors, size and colours

Download MSTS models (118Kb)


GWR Pillar Water Tank

Two versions, one flat, the other conical topped. A working water tank for re-fuelling.

Version 1.0 18th March 2002

Version 1.1 - 23rd March - fixed odd shading when the sun was high.

Version 1.2 - Added Fire Devil Brazier and small coal bunker, also extended distance levels of detail for the models.

Download MSTS models (58Kb)

GWR Blue brick and concrete platform

This was originally the hannington platform, but may be useful as a short (150') halt or siding platform.

Download MSTS models (13Kb)


Plate Girder Bridge and Blue brick Culvert

Version 0.99 - A small bridge that can be assembled from pieces to span 10-20m for livestock crossings under tracks, single or double track widths and a single track (put down two for double) water culvert for small streams

Download (57Kb)

A selection of private siding gates and a level crossing

Version 0.99 - A selection of white and brown, single and double gates that animate as level crossings. Also a model of the Cricklade road level crossing.

Version 1.0 Dec 2002 - Added single level crossing gate

Download (25Kb)


Assorted Rural Buildings

A selection of English village buildings from Mark.

Download (1.1Mb)