MSTS Rolling Stock

Our MSTS stock models will be added here as and when they are completed.

The models on this page are provided as freeware and must not be distributed for profit. However, if you would like to distribute or modify these files, out of courtesy, please contact us first and let us know.

This page is split into the following sections:

Freight wagons
Passenger Coaches


First go at a "loco" - an Engineers hand cart (Pump Trolley)

Version 0.9 - Nov 01- will be updated.

Download PumpTrolley.ZIP (only 80Kb)

Installation instructions are missing, but you just have to copy all the files here into a directory called PumpTrolley under the trainset directory, then create a consist for it.

 GWR 4-4-0 ST Locomotive No. 13 by Terry Thornton

About time too ... see the Stock section for the history of this loco.

Version 2 - Numerous big and small updates to the original model and enhanced ENG file includes flickering oil headlamps for night work and updated friction values for running in reverse.

Version 2.1 - Polished and Shiny with new specular lighting fix

Version 3 - June 2003 Updated model and textures

V3.1 - Jan 2005 fixed cab and included crew

Download gwr440st.ZIP (385Kb)

GWR Class 517 0-4-2 Locomotives 527 and 529

Here they are, two for the price of one.

No 527 in standard Wolverhampton Green and 529 in the WW1 experimental Khaki.

Version 1.1 20th April 2002 - Texture updates and added lamps

Download gwr517.ZIP (703Kb)

GWR Great Bear Pacific 4-6-2

Robins first loco. Never ran on the Highworth line, but would have run through Swindon (pictured)

Version 1.1 10th March
Version 1.2 20th June - Updated shape and ENG

Download (494Kb)

GWR Class 850 Saddle Tank # 992

V1.0 A popular 0-6-0 built in the 1870's. A much better "puller" than the Class 517.

V2.0 31st Jan 2003 - updated textures and extra details

Download (332Kb)

City of Truro 4-4-0

Robins model of the speed record breaking City of Truro, a lovely outside framed, turn of the century loco.
Version 2 - Oct 2002

Download GWRTruro.exe (444Kb)

City of Truro as Number 3717 (1930's)

Download GWR3717.exe (651Kb)

GWR Class 2301 "Dean Goods" 0-6-0

A highly detailed model of a medium sized work horse of the GWR.

Used just about everywhere in the UK and some of Europe during both wars and over most of the GWR network for medium freight and secondary passenger routes.

V1.0 23rd August 2002
V1.2 15th March - Updated ENG/WAG, LOD's for tender, plus new WD 196 repaint in 1940's black.
V2.0 Jan 2005 with crew, inside valve gear and new LOD's

Download (1396Kb)


GWR 3454 - Bird Class 'Skylark' by Robin Howell

Version 2 Dec 2002 - smoother animation and poly savings

Download GWR3454.exe (645Kb)

GWR 3832 - County Class 'County of Wilts'

Download GWR3832.exe (714kb) 

GWR 26xx 'Aberdare' 2-6-0 goods engine

Version 1.0 22nd Oct 2002 - Built to haul mineral traffic from South Wales, also used on passenger runs.
Version 1.1 27th Oct
- small texture changes and more headlamp codes.
Version 1.2 31st Jan 2005 - Added crew and updated LOD's

Model includes 4 head lamp code versions (B class passenger, E class Express freight and H & J class Freight) via the use of freight animations

Download (1Mb)

BR (ex-GWR) Class 1366 Pannier tank

Version 1.0 20th April 2003 - first highly detailed model of this 1930's pannier tank.


Download (863Kb)

Class 1361 Saddle Tank

Version 1.0 26th April 2003
Version 1.0.1 30th May 2003 - fixed missing spokes and rims

A similar sized loco to the 1366 which replaced it. Used mainly for dockyard shunting.

Download (971Kb)

GWR Class 850 Pannier Tank # 2014

V1.0 21st May 2003 - A popular 0-6-0 originally built in the 1870's. rebuilt as pannier tanks in the 1920's

  • "Dirty" textures
  • 4500 polys with 6 LOD's

Download (413Kb)


GWR Class 2021 Pannier Tank # 2021

V1.0 2nd Nov 2003 - An updated model from the 850, built from 1898. rebuilt as pannier tanks in the 1920's

  • "Dirty" textures
  • 4400 polys with 4 LOD's
  • Crew

Download (556Kb)

Freight Wagons

Early GWR 4-wheel Siphons

These little vans were the first special purpose milk traffic wagons the GWR built in the early 1870s and were designated by the telegraphic code 'Siphon' and later given diagram O.1. They were the grandfather of all the Siphon range, the later examples of which continued to be built until the 1940s. Some were still in service with BR in the 1970s. Seventy five vans were built to this diagram under lot numbers 180 and 217. The external door bracing differed as shown by our two examples. Officially all were withdrawn by the outbreak of World War I but for the purposes of the Highworth branch we have surmised that one or two survived the official withdrawal date and will be seen in the Highworth milk train until just after the end of the war. They could carry 17gallon milk churns stacked two high. Based on drawings and photographs from Jim Russell's Pictorial Record of Great Western Coaches Part 1 1838-1913, Oxford Publishing, 1972.

Version 0.99 30th Dec 01 - initial version
Version 1.00 12th Jan 02 - loaded version + more details
Version 1.1 23rd Jan 02 - re-textured and added later version
Version 1.2 25th Jan 02 - new WAG files, rear lamps glow at night

Download GWRSIS4.ZIP (only 232K)

GWR Siphon 'G'

The Siphon represented here is an inside braced 50 foot type G to drawing O.22 built circa 1927.

V1.0 28th April 2002
V1.1 10th March

Download (only 249K)

GWR 13t outside framed Brake Van

Version 1.0 28th May 2002

Version 1.0.1 29th May - fixed lack of hand brake...

A smaller cousin of the inside framed 16 and 20 ton "toads"

Download (230Kb)

GWR Gunpower Vans (GPVs)

Welcome to the team for Robin Howell - here is his first excellent contribution to the Highworth cause.

Updated 20th April 2002 - file now contains 3 variants
Update 28th April - includeds optimised distance levels
V2.0 1st Dec - Updated shape details

Download GPVsV2.ZIP (361Kb)

GWR Fruit vans

Two more vans from Robin - a "Banana" and a Fruit van with vacuum fittings for mixed passenger train running.

Updated 21st April - added 12 ton fruit van (later 1938 model)
28th April - Includes optimised distance levels

9th Feb 2003 - Version 2

Download FRUITSv2.ZIP (367Kb)

Iron Mink vans

These three wagons represent a Mink (general covered wagons) of different periods and paint schemes.

28th April  - Includes optimised distance levels.

Download Minks.ZIP (248Kb)


LNWR Covered van by Robin Howell

28th April - Includes optimised distance levels.

V2.0 Nov 2002 - Additional model details

Download LNWRvanv2.ZIP (127Kb)

Minks Part 2

These two vans are a pair of MINKS (covered wagons). The smallest with spoked wheels was built circa 1919 to diagram V16 and the other much later circa 1946 to diagram V36. The second wagon is faced with Plywooed rather than built up by wooden planks.

Download Minks2.ZIP (282Kb)

GWR Permanent Way Wagons

4 Different wagons, new, empty and used versions - see readme for details.

Download (621Kb)

GWR 20 & 24 Ton 'Toad' Brake vans

2 Highly detailed models, with multiple "skins" giving a total of 5 available models.

The 24 Ton is a shorter 6 wheel version of the 20Ton.

V1.0 - 22nd Dec 2002

Download (617Kb)

Passenger Coaches

Highworth 4 Wheel Coach set

By Robin Howell

Version 2.0 April 2003

Download GW4wHW1920.exe (1924Kb)

Highworth Full Brake and Milk Van

By Robin Howell

Version 2.0 April 2003

Download GW4WMB.exe (586Kb)

Download GW4WMB.exe (713Kb)

GWR Auto Trailer Coach, Diag. A.26

A version of the Auto coaches used by the GWR. This model represents a coache converted from earlier steam railcars circa 1928.

There are 5 different numbered coaches with various coupling options - see readme.txt for details.

V1.0 30th Oct 2002

Download (677Kb)