Progress so far on various items for the Branch

Update : 29/09/07

There are still things happening behind the scenes to resurrect this route. It might make it as a download on before the end of the year.

From : 18/05/03

The latest we have from Martin is that the route signalling/speed post placing is almost complete and should be ready for activity writing in a week or so. We are now looking at the end of June (?) for release.
I (Paul) am working on one or two extra wagons and an upgrade to GWR #13 to add to the release, and Robin has been refining his great coaching stock.

3rd Jan 03 - Project Progress - the Latest quote from Martin:

The route is coming on in leaps and bounds. Apart from a few details like signals, gradient posts, mileposts and a couple of clutter items the branch itself is finished. I now have to do some work at the Swindon end as I have recently been given a lot of lovely information on track layout, sidings, sundry buildings and a signal diagram by a very helpful ex-Swindon man now living in Australia. His info is so good that I can't not use it, so some track relaying and adjusting of other bits at Swindon is necessary.

The other time consuming bit is writing the activities, a person lined up to do these for me but he can't tackle them until the route is finished (signals are the last thing to put in) but at least the route should be issued in a wholly self-contained form with locos, rolling stock and (I hope) about 2 dozen activities although I have to be flexible on that figure. But all the technical problems are behind us now, and I hope to be done some time in 1Q2003.

The complete route will be produced on a CD and made available via for £4-00 which will also include a months subscription to that site. I will explore local means of distribution in Australia and USA via UKTS members resident there.

I have removed the project graph as effectively the modelling is done (bar a few small items to finish).