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29th Sept 2007 Work is still going on behind the scenes to resurrect this route. Activities are being written and the whole set of route, rolling stock and activities may be provided as a download from in the near future.
31st Jan 2005 I updated the Dean Goods and Aberdare locos (and fixed the cabview bug for GWR 13)
3rd Sept 2004
There is a rumour that Martin and Matt from UKtrainsim have finally managed to fix the errors that have plagued us for years.
There could soon be light at the end of the tunnel....
7th Nov Corrected the link to the GWR 2021 file and updated Remembrance Ready for this weekend
2nd Nov I've given up on predicting release dates for the route. The latest news is that activities are being written, but there are still problems with the high density of objects in the route.

On the plus side, I have added another GWR loco to the list of models (first for a while)

27th July Sorry for the lack of news, I've been building crew figures :)
The beta testing has just about completed, activity writing is in progress so the CD's should be on the way in August!
Update for plugins for new Canvas version
14th June 3D Canvas Pipe Builder Plugin added

Just about sorted out the teething problems with the beta version of the route - we are still looking at a July release.

5th June Updated GWR No 13 to Version 3.0

Added links to other web sites on the Acknowledgements page

3rd June Finally got around to updating the 1361 file here.

The main news is that the route is done!
Martin is now working with a team of beta testers to ensure everything works.
The latest estimate for the completed product with activities and stock is now early July

Due to the detailed nature of the route, we are going to make some recommendations about minimum processor speed. It is looking like the route will not run well on anything under about 1.6Ghz.
That said, you should be able to adjust the scenery detail slider in the MSTS options to help improve the speed.

21st May Released 850 Pannier Tank after a few troubles - exclusive to this web site.
I'm also starting up a new site for my non-Highworth models and screenshots
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