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18th May Another new 3DC plugin (with a small fix for another)
A slight update to the progress page for more news.
I was also planning to release a Panniered class 850 today, this may now happen later in the week.
9th May Updated 3DC plug-ins - with new fixes
1st May Updated Robins 4 wheel coach set to V2.0
26th April  ..and another one done ... GWR Class 1361
Still no firm date for the route yet, but it will be soon!
20th April Another tank loco finished  - GWR 1366 in early BR colours.
19th March 'Remembrance' day ;)  

- now with readme.txt  
- should be installed in folder SR333. If you have already used another, it may be a good idea to change it.
Off to Oz now... bye

15th March Work still ongoing, but very close now (been saying that for months)
Updated Dean Goods models plus repaint
I'm off to Oz for a month so no more updates for a few weeks...
9th Feb Added Robins Fruit vans Version 2 - plus a few extra non-GWR locos...
29th Jan Apologies for all the mistakes last night - Tutorial downloads have been added and the 3DC plugins URL corrected
28th Jan Martin is still making progress with finishing the route, a small hiccup with the track database has been fixed, car spawners have been added and signals are being added.
Additions today:
3rd Jan 2003 General site update on targets and project progress. Added Scenery Signs from John Kendrick
29th Dec Added SR 949 "Hecate" 0-8-0 Tank loco to the others page
24th Dec The vans had a small update yesterday and added 3D Canvas plugins for V6.0 Alpha (bottom of the page)
22nd Dec New GWR Brake vans
16th Dec Apologies for the bug in MSTS Engineer yesterday - should be fixed now. Also added early Beta of Cab Builder
15th Dec Fully updated plugins including MSTS Engineer and added small object library for 3D canvas  for use alongside the 3D canvas steam loco tutorial on the 3D canvas forums
7th Dec Added LSWR Ilfracombe Goods to the non-GWR loco page also replacement ENG files for GWR locos on this site Download here - note: model downloads also currently need this patch
3rd Dec New - V2.0 of 34xx Skylark by Robin with improved animation and shape.
Also Show all untextured plug-in for 3D Canvas
1st Dec To celebrate progress on the route, I have updated this site with Robins Updated LNWR vans and GPVs, Updates to some scenery items (huts and crossings) and a new set of recent screenshots
30th Nov Added DH4 to scenery page

Last week, after finding two shape files, amongst the 700 different ones used by the route, that caused the exit crash to happen, there was another problem with level crossings not working. This has now been isolated as a problem with the sounds and can now be remedied.

Nothing new to download just yet, but it is now full steam ahead to get the route finished off in the next month or two.

8th Nov Version 2.3x of the shape file manager - big thanks to Okrasa Ghia for fixing the bugs with the reverse option.

On the route front, following all the attempts to resurrect a working route - see old news - work is now progressing on the finescale re-build, I hope to post screenshots in the next week or so. It's a slow job with no dynamic track.

30th Oct Updated SFM to fix bugs in 2.3 and 2.2d, added 3D Canvas "Flare Extrude" Plug-in

Just added first version of Auto Trailer Coach (with passenger view)

27th Oct 23rd Oct - Aberdare 2-6-0 added - 27th Oct Updated to 1.1
15th Oct Loaded a few more of Robins outside frame GWR Locos (same as UKTrainsim) and updated SFM to version 2.3
11th Oct We've decided to start again! (well not quite from scratch) The new route will use the UK finescale track and we'll be a lot more careful this time.

The web site will still be used for models, tools and updates.

I have now uploaded all my 3D Canvas Plug-ins and Scripts on this site.

17th Sept If you're into pre-grouping company locos, I've scanned a few plans from some 100 year old Model Engineer annuals

No more news on the route front recently, it's still not working properly.

8th Sept Updated Dean Goods to V1.1
23rd August A whole month with very few updates (there were a couple but not posted here)

Work is still going on with the route (though a bit slowly at the moment). There must be some kind of limit we're hitting with MSTS. We tried to rebuild using the UK finescale track, but this fails with the same error. At this stage there is no date we can put on a release, and it may not quite match up to the screenshots as we may have to get rid of a lot of scenery items to make it work.

On the plus side, I added the J94 to the non-Highworth  models
... and .... The lucky visitors to the site today will be able to get the brand new class 2301 Dean Goods 0-6-0 before UKtrainsim (!)

(small update 24/8/02 - the first 5 downloaders probably have a mucked up tender bounding box - you will need to re-download the updated version)

21st July The current state of the route...

After too many raised hopes of fixing the problems we are experiencing with the route. I have decided to re-lay the track from scratch. After reading a few reports about bad dynamic track on there may be a problem with one of the tile that contains over 80 of them.

As a consequence, I would not like to predict when this route will be available, suffice to say it will not be very soon.

I shall endeavour to keep everyone posted with progress, and we will still add new items from time to time.
I have really fixed the link to robins coaches and added part 2.
Shape file manager 2.2c has now been uploaded.
Non-Highworth models have also been added

9th July Things were looking pretty dire for the route until today - I have almost managed to get it back to full working order by merging the scenery items with a working backup from April - It was touch and go as to whether we would actually have a route yesterday.
This will mean another few weeks till it gets fixed completely, the release is planned as soon as that happens.

(Updated shape file manager 2.2a and fixed the link to Robins coaches)

3rd July Not great news on the route I'm afraid, the patient seems to be very sick and after a week of study we're still not much nearer a cure. It looks like a couple of tiles need rebuilding from scratch.

I have finally put Robins Highworth 4 Wheel coach set onto the site.

23rd June Updated Great Bear and added permanent way wagons from Robin.
Unfortunately we are experiencing severe problems with crashes when running the current version of the route - this really has to be fixed before it is released - it's not a simple fix...
29th May Sorry - slight problem with the brake van - it had no hand brake! Version 1.0.1 now uploaded.

Yet more great additions to the scenery from Mark - coal bins and yard bits

28th May Added a few screenshots (showing some of the new coaches under construction).
Finished a highly detailed 13 ton brake van.
Project news .....(not all good)
I'm away in the south of france for two weeks from June 1st so unless I get a chance soon, this could be the last update for a short while.
19th May I finally finished the GWR Class 850 loco (unless we spot anything wrong with it)
17th May Added Marks selection of English rural houses to the scenery page.
I can't remember who asked for it, but I have also added some shapes to make up flower beds with
14th May Added City of Truro Model from Robin
12th May Robin has sent updates for his Siphon G's and Great Bear. I must get around to putting Marks cottages into a package at some point soon.
8th May Some more screenshots. The route is almost ready for beta testing now.
Also added animated gates and a crossing
30th April Bridge and Culvert added to scenery
- evening - oops sorry about the wrong file link for the culverts (I was in a bit of a hurry this morning), it has been fixed and now works.
28th April Robin has produced a few more wagons and I have optimised a few of the earlier ones so that the shape files now include optimised levels of detail - this will be a considerable help to the frame rates if these wagons are used in AI trains.
21st April Second update today - Robin has re-done his GPV and Fruit wagons and added two more downloads
20th April Robin and Mark has been busy this week with wagons and buildings respectively and have now been welcomed as full members of the Highworth project team.
Martin has still been beavering away with the scenery and I (Paul) have been optimising models almost done a couple more custom buildings.
New to the site is Robins Great Bear Pacific loco - it never went up to Highworth, but looks good driving through Swindon :)
Robin has changed his single GPV into 3 variants in one download and has packaged 2 fruit vans for us.
The Class 517 has had small changes to the texturing of both models in the light of more info on the Khaki scheme.
13th April Huge Update!
The Class 517 locos are finished and we have added a rather excellent Gun Powder Wagon by Robin Howell
Also a small update to fields and hedges and added fire devil and coal bunker to water tower. Also added a short blue brick platform length for use as a typical GWR "halt"
We should also like to welcome Mark Olland and Robin Howell to the list of direct contributors to this project at a time when it looked like it would take another 6 months.
Route beta testing will begin in the next 2 weeks.
2nd April Once more, sorry for the lack of updates, I seem to be having "PC systems failures"... a few additions:
New and improved Shape File Manager for scaling stock and adjusting textures.
A couple of small ads for new stock arriving soon and more screen shots.
23rd March A big update of many files:
- "Polished" Loco #13 and the milk churns
- Fixed odd lighting on fences and water pillars plus small update on platform trolley and benches.
18th March Platform Trolley and GWR Pillar water tank added to scenery page.
We're slowly getting there... Martin has placed Bydemill brook and the lake at Stanton, just a few problems with trying to get it to work with x-tracks 2
13th Mar Again, only a few updates to the screenshots however, watch out for many items in about a weeks time. Project is still progressing well.
4th Mar Sorry - not much change on the website, but looking at the project page, you can tell that we've been busy preparing for the first public outing at the Basingstoke MRE on the 9th/10th.
Will post screenshots of all the placed stations on Friday
22nd Feb Updated WAG and ENG files for #13 and coaches to set the bounding box correctly. Added Enamel Signs to scenery
20th Feb 2002 GWR #13 has finally finished her refit nice new paint and wheels... small update to field boundaries to stop the flat items from glowing at night.
14th Feb 2002 UK Field boundary scenery items
10th Feb 2002 Added MSTS Misc page for utilities and additions
4th Feb 2002 Maps of track layouts added route phase 1 is aiming for release in April 2002. Projects progress and Martins project aims posted to uktrainsim added to this page.
30th Jan 2002 GWR Coaches and a few more screen shots
25th Jan 2002 Hopefully the final update to 4 Wheel Siphons and update for Milk Churns plus more timetables on the menu.
23rd Jan 2002 Updated Siphon textures (+ new version re-skin), updated history, stock and traffic pages
21st Jan 2002 fixed the incorrect links on the scenery page - the benches and huts were still set to the old files - please download them again if you would like the updated versions.
12th Jan 2002 Added Gas storage tanks to scenery, updated Siphon and fixed Handcart Ref file.
1st Jan 2002 Added cast iron bench with wooden bench model - plus our first wagon under the rolling stock section.
also small site corrections - and a Happy New Year
17th Dec 2001 Another small model in the scenery section
30th Nov 2001 Added shots of MSTS scenery and our first "loco" download
Also updated field trip photos.
8th Nov 2001 Fixed historical error with lamp and added more lamps
31st Oct 2001 added a couple more "clutter" items
26th Oct 2001 Site revamp + content
1st Oct 2001 Line History added
24th Sept 2001 First models in Scenery section